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Slide scanning

Firework slides are as difficult to scan well as it is to take the pictures in the first place.

Firework slides have areas that are very bright and very dark, with very little within normal ranges. To record this well requires a scanner with an excellent dynamic range.

Related to this, many scanners today use autofocus to focus on the slide being scanned. With a dark slide, the scanner struggles to autofocus, and it is always best to revert to manual control.

Richard Kempton uses a slide scanner with an excellent dynamic range, and manual focus, and has years of experience at producing high quality firework scans.

You can have existing slides scanned as follows:

Size (pixels)



540x360 (web)


3 each

3150x2100 (A4)


5 each

5400x3600 (A3)


10 each

Scans are colour corrected, sharpened, and adjusted in Photoshop to closely match the original slide. Files are provided on CD, in JPEG format.

Event Planning for Photography

With some events, the publicity photos from the event may be almost as important as the event itself. It is then essential to plan for the photography, and Richard Kempton can help provide the background planning you need for your event.

Many firework events are one-off, unrepeatable events; with such an event, getting a good photographic record requires careful consideration of angles, time of day, fields of view, etc. You have one go to get it right, and planning for photographs needs a photographer's eye.

Richard Kempton will work with you to determine what is achievable within the time and location constraints. He will help identify whether there are special moments that absolutely must be recorded and how, and identify the best location or locations for photography at the site.

Richard Kempton is happy to discuss your general requirements at no charge. If you would like a site visit to assess the best angles, etc., then this can be accommodated for a nominal fee.