Richard Kempton's
Firework Photography Guide

The Basics

Plan Ahead: Location & Weather


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Weather problems for Firework Displays

  • High Wind
  • You need some wind, but too much and it can cause many problems both for you as photographer and for the firework display company.
    A cross-wind will distort most fireworks, causing a lot of drift with glitter and gold effects. The end tips of crysanthemum bursts will curl over and streak. Also if the display has been designed for symmetry, then that will be distorted off to one side as the shells will tend to drift slightly downwind, whereas the ground effects will keep their original design.
    The worst wind angle is from the launch site directly back towards the crowd & your location. This has the most likelihood of the entire event being called off. If it does go ahead, you have the potential of bad smoke distruption.
    In high wind, the best wind angle is if it is blowing from your location towards the display. Although the wind will cause drift, it is probably into the firing site's safety zone, and should not affect the symmetry.

    Wind is best from behind photographer towards firing site
    The wind (blue) is best from behind photographer towards firing site.

  • No Wind
  • Rain
  • Temperature Inversion


    Crowd Safety is there for a purpose

    Orientation of display

    Foreground / background objects

    Environmental lighting