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How to Take Firework Pictures

Here is my guide to firework photography developed over 3 years as a professional firework photographer. I hope you find it useful, thought provoking, and get better firework photographs as a result.

If you want to comment on any of the points I raise here, or tell me about your experience using this guide, please email me: info@fireworkphotography.co.uk

The Basics
What you need: Equipment
What you need: Film or Digital
Plan ahead: Location & Weather
Taking firework photographs 101
Processing and Printing

Advanced Firework Photography
Know Your Subject: Firework theory
Know Your Subject: How film & digital react to firework light
What you need: Advanced equipment tips
Plan ahead: The Seasons - How dark is night anyway?
Plan ahead: Know What, When, and Where - the How should follow
Plan ahead: Different fireworks - different techniques
Plan ahead: Planning for a long display
Taking firework photographs: Control the chaos
Taking firework photographs: Forget the camera
Processing: Why I hand mount slides
Processing: Scanning firework slides
Printing: Avoiding black sheen on desktop prints