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Firework Display Photography

Service Description for Pre-booked Commissions

What You Get

From the photography at your firework display, you will receive:

  • All Excellent to Average slides as described below. Slides are professionally developed, hand-mounted & individually labelled to ensure quality throughout the processing cycle.
  • A CD of digital scans of the best/most interesting 20%. These scans are in 2 sizes:
    Full size=A4+ (3000x2100 pixels), WebReady=540x360 pixels
  • A licence to use the slides & any digital scans of them for any purpose within your company, except direct sale. ie. you pay once, and once only for use of the pictures. Images may only be passed to a third party in the direct promotion of your company. For more info, see my Terms and Conditions.

R. Kempton retains all copyrights on the images.
Delivery is within 28 days of the event, except by special arrangement.

Preparation & Planning

I will always discuss the shoot with you before the firework display to determine the best viewing angle, understand the show sequence and firing order, identify special moments, and find the other details that prepare me for your display.

Picture Rate

Given ideal weather conditions, and subject to my Terms and Conditions, I expect to take roughly 1 photo every 12 seconds of your display (on average). In busy/bright sequences, this may increase to 1 every 4-6 sec. On longer displays (>20 min) the average is slower.

Picture Quality/Hit Rate*



Very Good






Rejected: 10%

*Picture quality is a subjective measure. What I think is average, another person may think is very good. Similarly my taste in excellent pics may differ from another person's. The figures are a guide, not a contract.